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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August's Book Club Readings

Thanks to everyone that voted!  I greatly appreciate you taking the time to do so.  I do have one small favor to ask though, if at any time you do not see any books that interest you PLEASE let me know.  Also, PLEASE pass along suggestions of books you think the other club members may like.  The book club can only improve with the more people we have involved.

Now, without futher ado, the August books are as follows as well as a link to each of the catagories blog page.  Happy reading!

Indie Author Spotlight - Amber Scott

Series of the Month:
Moon Child (Vampire of Hire - Series Book 4) by J.R. Rain

Book vs. Movie:
The Help

Paranormal Romance:
The Vampire's Warden / Caterpillar

The Reluctant Dom / Beauty

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  1. Finally a month that I haven't read all the books already. Now to find the time to read them...